Monday, February 9, 2009

Miss Kitty and Charlie

They are together again. I'll miss her, but I am glad to know that she is with Charlie now...

She was my first baby. She was (at least) 22 years old. She moved with me 7 times to 3 states. She put up with numerous dogs, cats, kids, ex's. She and Charlie fell in love when they met which made me love them both a little bit more.

She was with me longer than anyone in my life. Half of my 42 years, in fact. She knew every secret. She slept on my head for years, squawked at me when she wanted something, bossed around her 100+ pound brothers, drank out of a water glass on the table (hers), had the softest kitty-rabbit hair ever and loved me unconditionally just like a cat is NOT supposed to do. She was my best friend no matter how silly it sounds.

Bye, Kitty Kitterington. Tell Daddy I love him.

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Diana said...

Hi Sue, good to see you back blogging on these internets.

I'm so sorry about Miss Kitty. I love the details you provided here; I feel like I actually met her and got to pet that soft fur.